Doshas work

According to Ayurveda, the living body is regulated by subtle matter or energy systems called Doshas. Doshas are three in number - Vata (catabolic force), Pitta (metabolic force) and Kapha. (anabolic force). Doshas heal or destroy the body based upon whether they are in balance or not.
The Doshas get out of balance easily and rather quickly due to variations in diet, seasons, time of day, thoughts more frequently present in the mind, physical activities, flux of emotions, etc. Some basic tools of assessment provide the Ayurvedic healers with insights on the current state of the Doshas such as which ones are dominant over the others and which Doshas are out of balance and why.
Further, the modern day Ayurveda consultants are taught to utilize the in depth information available in Ayurvedic texts to teach the client how to gradually bring the Dosha back in balance. This may be attempted via diet and lifestyle modifications, herbs, oil massages and specific Yoga postures. As Doshas return to balance, the body and its attending challenges also demonstrate slow but steady improvement.

However, for deeper healing - fixing Doshas is not enough

While Dosha balancing is an essential and effective method to bring the body into balance (and certainly Pratichi uses this methodology also), yet, Doshas alone cannot heal the mind and least of all affect any permanent changes in consciousness represented by Spirit.
The disease is certainly manifested at the level of the body but the seeds of affliction lie in the mind and whether the mind is stuck in disease consciousness or aligned with wellness consciousness makes all the difference and represents the all important gap between physical degeneration or recovery. This points to the fact that in any physical ailment, the mind must be transformed also by facilitating a shift in consciousness. Doshas alone, are not equipped or subtle enough to work at this deep level.
Doshas are energy systems or conglomerates of subtle state of matter and naturally matter can affect the mind only in a limited manner and going still deeper, cannot touch or influence Spirit. Only spiritual wisdom of the highest and purest quality can heal a world bound Spirit trapped in suffering and existential questions; transcendental knowledge and deliberate practice of psychic stillness, or meditation breath disciplines or seed sounds can heal mind and of course rarefied matter via herbs and foods can be chosen to heal Doshas. Matter alone, replaces matter. Intelligence of a higher order heals the mind and soul wisdom and experiential learning alone supports the transformation at spirit or consciousness level.
If you have tried working the popular way in Ayurveda, then you have been exposed to only the tip of the iceberg. There is no way we can cut, carve, modify, press, push, suppress, release, split, sew, detoxify, nourish, fix, cauterize, surgically remove or add matter with matter and in matter alone and hope that it will some how translate as a reflection in intelligence which will ultimately and in turn impact a charge in consciousness. This is putting the cart before the horse, in simple language. But how long has this been tried to be accomplished? We are bound in matter and matter based thinking. Today, medicine is all about matter. True healing is all about a change in consciousness. When will the twin meet and where? So the Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) are the main tools to modify, release or depress and somehow retrieve health and establish wellbeing. Results were satisfactory, at times even good but never extraordinary and no where close to being even semi permanent.
The moment the client stopped working actively with Dosha management, the ill health symptoms and conditioned mental patterns would re-emerge. So for example if Pitta dominant person with acid reflux problem did not continue eating for the rest of his or her life a Pitta balancing diet actively, the disease had potential of resurfacing. And then, the clients often lost steam over time, got distracted by life events or other competing and contradictory diet systems, negative situations and finally the expense of depending on an external healer (with all the answers) is also no less of a real time and quite understandable deterrent.
With minimum changes in mental body and almost no support from the spiritual Self - no sooner that the old negativity and habits and conditioned patterns returned; the work with the Dosha balancing became harder and harder. Loss of motivation, boredom, and flare ups and remissions are only too be expected.

Dear Seeker of Wellbeing,

Ayurveda is God’s own medicine that the ancient Indian sages received in their elevated consciousness during intuitive meditation. Ayurveda as a system of knowledge and method of healing is considered as eternal, and as such has no start date. Historically speaking, Ayurveda’s transformative presence and capacity to influence mind-body-spirit can be traced back 10,000 years.
What is interesting is that in the twenty first century, Ayurveda is still alive, dynamic, relevant, and current; and is in fact gathering momentum as world medicine. As medicine that heals consciousness, many regard Ayurveda as cutting edge science. Ayurveda remains very much the people’s choice, and its global spread is indicative of a people’s desire to return to wellbeing via nature. Today, Ayurvedic colleges, hospitals, clinics, and health and beauty spas are opening in every major country of this world, and more and more people are choosing to heal the Spirits’ way.
Ayurvedic principles were established by the same great seers and sages who gave the world India’s original systems of Yoga, meditation, Chakras, and Kundalini. Crafted through spiritual intent, Ayurveda firmly contends that we all are non physical beings having a physical experience in a physical body. Any and all healing is therefore the expression of our own Spirit or Source called Higher Self or Spirit.
Ayurveda should not be confused as merely another natural system of “fighting” disease. Eschewing disease based mind set; Ayurveda promotes vigorous and joyful health consciousness. Ayurveda does this by asking us to choose health promoting measures such as consuming a pure, fresh, cooked diet and living by daily, nightly, and seasonal rituals or routines in our day to day life. Ayurveda also offers mind - body - spirit rejuvenation and immunity enhancement through transformative bio-therapies called Panchakarma. Intake of natural plant based supplements that have been tried and tested over centuries; Yoga, Meditation,
mantras, color and gem therapy, are other means by which Ayurveda promotes balance, not only within the different realms of the individual (mind-body-spirit) but also between the individual and his or her unique environment (physical, social, spiritual, cultural, etc).
Spiritual counseling and life coaching is a main focusin Ayurveda. Ayurveda emphasizes the fact that we are all powerful Self healing Spirit entities and not merely the overwhelmed mind and decaying bodies that we identify ourselves to be. When we think wellness we become wellness. When we think expansion, we create expansion. When we think joy we become joy. Optimistic, truth seeking, exuberant and life celebrating Ayurvedic medicine will leave you revitalized, and reconnected with your Source. Thanks to Ayurveda, health will no longer remain a farcical product of technology with deadly side effects; but become a real, achievable, and realistic option courtesy the activation of your inner Self healing power. The Ayurveda sages teach conscious living through which you can align your inner universe (microcosm) with the external universe (macrocosm). Ayurveda teaches respect of nature and her eternal laws. Ayurveda balances and rejuvenates, and above all empowers our own natural processes of immunity.
Today’s physicians tend to ignore individuality. They often look at people as “livers” or “lungs” and neglect the being which hosts that liver or lung. Ayurveda attempts to harmonize the body-mind-spirit complex by starting with the body which is relatively stable. Balance of the mind and spirit comes more easily once the body has been made firm and healthy. Ayurveda is the product of a civilization which is deeply rooted in Mother Nature. The seers knew that all of Nature is part of the individual, since we are all created from, exist in, and return to nature. All of us have a Mother in Nature, and only she can lead us home.